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Successful ending in Shanghai Expo wonderful dreams of FANGDING TECH

On May 9, 2023, the four-day “32nd International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition” was successfully concluded in Shanghai City. With advanced technology, excellent quality and warm service, Fang Ding Technology has won the recognition and favor of new and old customers all over the world, continuous cooperation, full of harvest.


Even on the last day of the exhibition, the booth of Fang Ding is still crowded with customers and cooperation atmosphere is very warm. Before closing of the exhibition, the beautiful female customer friends signed the last order with Fang Ding Technology at the last moment, a perfect ending.


In this exhibition, with a collection of new products, new technology and new services, new ideas of the innovation scene, Fang Ding Technology drove the theme of the exhibition scene. We have obtained considerable orders, friendship and a large number of customer information, this set up a solid foundation for accelerating innovation and development and improving product and service quality. We will take the harvest of this exhibition as an opportunity to strengthen research and development and innovation on the basis of the original advantages, strengthen the construction of system management, accelerate the recruitment of high-level talents, and make our own contribution to the realization of the laminated glass equipment intelligent development.

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