PVB Laminated Glass Production Line

Intelligent Laminated Glass Production Line

Fangding intelligent laminated glass production line can be manual control or automatic PLC centralized control. The whole equipment has reasonable structure, convenient operation and stable and reliable operation.

Technical characteristics of the whole line

● The washing machine has a solid structure, beautiful appearance, energy-saving design, equipped with shutdown protection function, and an independent wind-supply system to make the glass more cleaner.

● Glass positioning conveyor, with fast positioning speed and high precision performance, suitable for the large pieces of glass production.

● Double-station glass combining machine, composed of front and rear stations, which is convenient for glass combination and film cutting, and can be operated by manually and automatically.

● The suction cup of the hanger adopts special materials to ensure that no traces are left on the glass surface, so as to ensure the production of high-quality products.

● The horizontal 3-roller PVB/SGP film storage machine is equipped with automatic film releasing and rolling up functions, and this design makes the film replacing work more faster and convenient.

● The transition conveyor is designed with the best synchronous, smooth and fast production performance.

● The structure of the roller pressing machine is reasonable, the operation is simple, the heating distribution is evenly, and the operation of the whole machine is stable and reliable.

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